Wow what an interesting weekend. I have to say I have the BESTEST boyfriend in the whole world. DId a bit of shopping tthis weekend, sent in my papers for my passport, worked waaaaayyy to much. I am looking so forward to halloween weekend b/c it’s the only weekend I DON’T have to work, but it’s also Matthew and mine’s 2 year anniversary weekend, so Saturday we are going out! yay! I didn’t get really anything done with my room this weekend nor did i study for the test i have tomorrow…I konw shame on me…I wish i just know everything. So i dunno i think i might go study now.

Oh I really like this prayer, just mediate (think) on it.

I cannot dance, O Lord,
Unless you lead me.
If you wish me to leap joyfully,
Let me see You dance and sing-

Then I will leap into Love-
And from Love into Knowledge,
And from Knowledge into the Harvest,
That sweetest Fruit beyond human sense.

There I will say with You, whirling.

-Mechthild of Magdeburg

Well i guess that’s it. yeah i definately miss my matthew and playing with kids……well and my family, but who doesn’t
God bless!

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