This weekend was amazing! After the stressful week I had this weekend was totally what I needed. I am so blessed to have all of you guys in my life. God certainly does work in mysterious ways! So now for the fun stuff:

-THe bridge activity, nuff said!
-Ghosts in the graveyard….I am super stealth
-I want to leave a legacy, how will they remember me,….
-Melissa’s “Giftedness”
-The nasty water making Ryan sick
-Ryan winning a $100 (you still owe us dinner!!!)
-Do you coordinate your underwear to match your cloths??
-Nick taking a low blow against Goliath
-SNL with Jack Black and John Mayer
-The Chimes sunday morning???
-(Signing) Your Mama! (attitude head shake thingy)

-Being patient
-Blessing Upon lives
-Warm Fuzzy Queen!
-Dorothy Day (very interesting-if you wrote it and want to find out why just ask)
-Unhesistant Sharer
-Gifts and Talents
-My Hands!
-Warm and Fuzzy-i-ness!
-Making matters better

Thank you everyone for the uplifting things. I truly value how blessed I am!

Lord, I ask that you be with the Chaminade Scholars, Not only the Junior class but the Undersclassmen as well-so they have this “conversion experience” within their own hearts as well as their groups. Lord weave our group into a tight, warm blanket that we can use to stretch over the earth. There are so many dynamics within our group Lord and you are the one who brought us together. I thank you for this and Pray you hold everyone tonight in your arms and let an aura of love and strength and blessedness follow them this week. For this I pray.

If I left anything out feel free to leave a comment!

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