Day One of Hurricane UD

The Terrential downpour of “rain” in the Local Dayton Area would normally have citizens running for cover but not this daring girl….Anna. She braved the tests and papers and lectures and work to set aside her time the the Blessed Sacrament and it seems as though nothing can touch her now.

Okay I know i’m corny and Yes I realize it is 1:30 in the am and I have to be in class at 9 and tomorrow will be just as busy of a day as today but it really was a true blessing spending that hour with Jesus. Granted I don’t have all the answers and I’m staying up way to late but I’m not stressing about things right now. My paper is done thanks to my two great roommates who helped me proof and rip it to shreds but hopefully the grammar won’t make trollinger so mad. and I think i did well on my Abnormal Psych test. I usually do, I’ll find out for sure tho on friday. and Yeah….I have a test and paper due wednesday but I’m not gonna panic, I’m just gonna be up all night long 🙂 But yeah, i’m gonna go to sleep…Sami’s CD is almost done burning and I need to pack for tomorrow. Should be a great day!

God bless!

Prayer Requests:
-Family, Friends, Boyfriend and his family, housemates (Specifically Sami b/c she needs to have a relationship in a day 😛 )
-My personal prayer life
-My Erin
-My Sara (she’s 21 now!) and Mary Pat (who’s also 21)
-For people in my life I dont’ see very often
-For My Goddaughter, Samantha. I miss her like a whoa.

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