Well this weekend was a ton of fun. Work three days a week oh and coming in early :-[ Oh well it’s money right….? Went to FREEFAHL and saw Oval Opus! They the coolest. Sarah and I almost stole one of them, but got their guitar string that broke instead and an autograph. 😀 Oh yeah and the reason I say ouch as my subject…yeah definately tooo much head banging on the Jaded Era Set….I need much icy hot and tennis tomorrow is going to hurt muy muy!!

Well this upcoming week in a nut shell.
3 Tests
2 Papers
1 Final

and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg….lectures, volunteer work, regular work + a bunch of rotating shifts to cover and then going to a deaf church this weekend to fulfill a ASL requirement…oh and yeah i have to figure out what i’m doing for Retreat next weekend by this friday…Hopefully adoration will be a huge blessing tomorrow so God will give me some insight and strenght and maybe even a muscle relaxer.

Have a good week all….Leave me some love!
oh and yeah, “Earmuffs, Buddy, Earmuffs” 😀 Oval Opus rocked!

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