I dunno what’s going thru my mind right now. Today was an okay day, found out that there is nothing wrong with my gall bladder (no suprise) but they don’t know what’s up with me so i’m gonna go see my home doctor. my txt response isn’t due till next week so that made me happy. I miss my matthew….this year is gonna suck since I can’t see him even once a day. i’m working way to much but i guess that’s good for money but i wish i didn’t have to work as much….I don’t mind but like I need to take a weekend break and do something for me. I’m really glad friday is almost here but sad at the same time since i’m workin friday and sunday. Oh well.

I have to say I’ve found the answer to all relationships. Complete honesty….I think that’s the only thing that has saved matthew and mine’s relationship.

Oh and i’m craving peppermints. seriously craving them. I know i’m strange.

I’m so proud, i studied half of my stuff for my test today and i’ll do the rest probably tomorrow night or firday night. but i gotta study for child development and for learning. Anyone that wants to teach learning to me let me know….I’d really appreciate it.

I’m going to bed, to blahed right now to really care about much of anything except for the fact that I miss matthew a whole bunch.

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