Me soo sleepy but let me recap on this weekend:
Friday = AWESOME! I LOVE JARS OF CLAY!!! and then Friendly’s Ice cream…it was GREAT!
Saturday= Made Breakfast for matthew and it was good for a change! and then work all day long but it was really unproductive I couldnt’ concentrate at all, I went to meijers for food shopping and spent $112 but 45 was on meds, vitamins, lotion and a crate so yeah food was expensive this week but i got stuff that wouldn’t go bad and some stuff that is healthy like fruit and vegi’s that could go bad.
Sunday= work where again I didn’t study and then to home for dinner and stuff and then to church and after church to ritters…I’m so spoiled 😛 But yeah, church was cool, Only father Gene can bring a basketball to church and use it in a homily. 😛 it was very good….A reminder that unlike the feeling that we are glass and when we fall we break the truth is with the god, the church and the holy spirit we in actuality like a basketball we bounce back up…and that in our life we always fall down, and hit rock bottom but we bounce back up. I thought it was a powerful message. But I’m gonna go to sleep

Please keep me, my family, my housemates, matthew and my close friends in your prayers this week. Thank you

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