So i went to the death center and they now have this new thing that you see the nurse and then leave until they can get you in to see the doc since there is only one. so i have to go back on tues morn at like 8:15 (oh joy!) but at least it’s being taken care of. I talked to guys doing our house and they said they were taking it out, but not until monday, which is absolutely fine with me…as long as that yucky thing is going. So over all i’m pretty good…not quite sure what I’m gonna do tonight, I have to be in early tho b/c of class tomorrow. I got to talk to my mommy! Yay! 🙂 Umm went to bursars and finaid and supposedly I’m suppose to be getting about $700 in return for this semester so I’m thinkin about buying a wireless card and putting the rest into savings and possible after x-mas (if i don’t get one) buying my own laptop since I’ll be getting about $1000 for the winter semester…..so i’m excited. But we’ll see…I can also use the money to pay for my sinclair classes and i’ll probably do that too. But yeah! I’m excited! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!


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