the end of the night…

Okay so i thought everything was gonna go as planned but it didn’t. I drove over to matthew’s then ate dinner, got sick for 45 mins and then decided yeah let’s go even if we are late. Went and saw anger management….always a funny movie and added it to my list of movies to buy (or beg for) so you know the list is as follows: 1) Finding Nemo (duh….it comes out Nov. 4th! yay!) 2)Pirates of the Carribean 3) Bruce Almighty 4)Anger Management. I’m sure there are others but we’ll add them when i remember them. SO yeah I came home and have a splitting headache but i’m unusually hyper and sami wouldn’t go for my dance party idea because she has homework…. 😛 well poo-poo to that! Oh definately the quote of the night….Sarah: Yeah don’t you hate it when you boobs get so sweaty that you have to put deodorant under them? OH MY GOSH!!! LOL I think that’s how it went 😛 But yeah so the good news OVAL OPUS is coming to UD!!! They’ll be here for the FREEFAHL Sept 20 so i’m totally going…anyone want to join and try and stalk the boys? i just want there autograph but stalking them is cool too! (I love you matthew!!!!!) Oh and on the down side sami said the reason my tummy might hate me is b/c it might have an ulcer….gosh i hope not but it would explain a lot…so i dunno what to do…should i go to the death center? i might just to see if that’s it and if it is get a real doctors appt. OH well! I’m gonna go now!

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