Break before work…

Okay so i’m taking my little break that i have to write…i know…pathetic. So my back is killing me…it’s either the bed i’m sleeping on (not the futon but a real mattress), general aches from cramps, or that my boobs are too big… any case it’s NO FUN! Today wasn’t too bad but I am sooo pooped! I am ready to be in bed right now but of course I have to work. So I’m gonna leave in a little bit to go meet Matthew outside humanities and then go to MC and eat din-din 🙂 yay! I love the part in the day when I get to see my Matthew…it makes me uber happy! then I have to work 8-mid…yuck. but i’m bringing the laptop so I can write the paper that is due tomorrow morn and the outline due tomorrow evening…..only 2 more days…dang it! I have class on saturday…..its’ a normal week 😦 well now i’m gonna drive to work since matthew is meeting me at MC…yay for not walking! Alright I”m gone…BYE BYE! call me at work and keep me company puhhhllleeasse!

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